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We've Graduated!

Just as I have graduated, Giftkids is also graduating... I am excited to share a new growth idea! But first...

Responses have arrived from Bidar-In early February Giftkids shipped blankets to the children of the Belaku Home. In August the blankets were distributed. It took this long to gather the kids due to the uncertain Covid circumstances, but we are glad they were able to finally receive them! A picture of the event is below.

Throughout the past 4 years of high school, I have focused on building Giftkids around two initiatives supporting kids in India and Haiti. My goals for these projects were to create, deep-long lasting relationships with these schools, and I think we have achieved that. I love having this personal connection in the places that mean a lot to me, and I am excited to continue to support these projects!

Now, as I begin a new chapter in my life, I think it is time to further expand Giftkids. Every year, there are new areas that seek humanitarian aid-and it is hard for me to select just one to commit to long term. In thinking about our model, I have decided to create a third path. Each year, I plan to pick a different initiative to support, something that I personally connect with and that ties into the Giftkids' mission "to help kids in under-resourced and disaster-struck communities around the world, in the form of essential educational supplies, nutrition and emergency financial assistance".

For 2020, I wanted to do something for the children impacted by the disastrous explosion in Lebanon on August 4, 2020. It was important to make sure we selected a NGO organization where our support would go directly to helping the communities affected. Giftkids has chosen the Save the Children Lebanon Crisis Relief Fund, where we are donating a third of our 2020 funds. This fund helps meet the urgent needs of the children and their families during the aftermath of the explosion, as well as the uncertainty of the pandemic.

As always, I would love your support-link to donate button on the home page, top right corner.

Thank you again to everyone who as been with me on this 4 year journey, I am excited to see how Giftkids will continue to grow!



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