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Five Years!

Giftkids is five, and we have some wonderful news to celebrate! But before we do that, we'd like to share the new 2022 Giftkids Scholarship recipients from James Lick High School in San Jose, CA. Through generous donations from friends and family, we were able to expand the Giftkids scholarship this year. In May, we awarded three students of outstanding character and promise who will be attending a 4-year institution a GK scholarship of $1,000 each to be used at their discretion towards prepping for an exciting college start. These students will be embarking on their next journeys across California at San Jose State, Cal Poly SLO, and Evergreen Valley College, studying Business, Business Administration, and Criminal Studies. We are SO excited for these students and wish them the best of luck!

Just as these students look ahead to their futures, Giftkids also looks ahead at what is next...which brings me to our exciting news! We have just been awarded our very first grant by the Sereno Realty Group for $2,000 under their 1% For Good Culture Fund. This is huge news for us, as it validates our 5+ years of hard work and gives us the support we need going into our sixth year. We are so grateful for the support since the beginning from friends and family like you, and are now thrilled that we have also opened another door for more community support. This is just the start of the Giftkids journey in exploring grants, and we are very excited for what will come next!

As always, we are so thankful for your support from around the world. Hope everyone is having a great summer!



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