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2017 | You made it happen!

Thank you Letter to our Donors, Neighborhood & School Teen Volunteers, Elves and Friends:

2017 was our first year of business - the business of shipping meaningful gifts to kids far less fortunate than us, all over the world. We shipped colorful warm sweaters to kids in India and new sneakers to kids in Haiti. These kids have never received a present in their lives, so you can imagine their delight and joy upon seeing these beautifully wrapped gifts with cards written out to each of them from us! Check out their awesome pics here and here.

We could not have done this without you - you supported us with your donation, your time, enthusiasm, creativity and made our events fun and memorable. Thank you from all of us at Giftkids!


73 kids celebrated

36 new pairs of shoes gifted

37 colorful new sweaters gifted

150+ community volunteer hours

2 project partners across 2 countries/continents

75+ motivating letters to kids to stay in school

We are now setting our goals for 2018 holiday season, and hope to add more partners to work with, more kids to help and connect with all over the world. We hope that you will continue this journey with us in the year to come.

We will be in touch!

With Love - The Giftkids Team

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