Partner: Aralu Belaku          No.Kids supported: 37


Our Mission At a Glance

To strengthen school attendance among underprivileged kids around the world by providing essential educational and wellness supplies and a personal connection. 

Our local community of kids get together to write cards and wrap gifts during the holiday season that we deliver during a celebratory time - in time for Diwali in India, Kanaval in Haiti or simply Back-to-school in San Jose.

We believe that every kid deserves to be celebrated!


Project Description :

The 'Belaku' (morning light) home is for street kids in Bidar, an impoverished district in Karnakata, India.  The children are primarily from the historically most oppressed (Dalit) community and come from a variety of backgrounds...single mothers, parents unable to provide basic care and mostly, orphans.​ Kids need to walk a good distance to school through the somewhat harsh climates in Bidar - from cold winters and extreme summers to the heavy southwest monsoon.​ In 2017,

Giftkids shipped colorful sweaters to them in time for the Indian holiday Diwali in Oct-Nov. In 2018 we provided sturdy school backpacks filled with school supplies.

Read our blog post on this & also about our trip to meet them!


Partner: Greater Good Haiti          No. of kids supported: 36  

​Project Description :

Founded by our local PAUSD teacher Kelly Kobza, GGH is a school located on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. The school focusses on remedial education of illiterate children. These kids are all first-generation learners and attend this free school with the hope to continue further education. Kelly's efforts have resulted in a 100% pass rate on the 6th grade National Haitian Exam enabling them to move on to high school!

Kids are often absent from school as they have no shoes to walk the long distance to school. In 2017, Giftkids shipped study shoes to the kids. In 2018, Giftkids funded an educational school trip to Port Au Prince for the graduating students who pass the National Exam.

Read more on our blog post on this!


Partner: International Rescue Committee          No. of kids supported: 32

Project Description :

We are excited about this, our newest project! We partnered with our local initiative here in San Jose who provide aid to the refugee families who come to the U.S from around the world to recover their futures. Most of these families this year are from the Afghanistan areas. This year, Giftkids provided the refugee children age 2+ yrs old onwards a starter gift package each (gift card + plush toy + handwritten welcome cards) as they enroll into their new schools. We are thrilled that we can do something for these kids - look out for more updates and details on this as we work more on this project! covered our work here!


kids helping kids


A big heartfelt thank you to all our lovely young volunteers in our community - who come from local middle & high schools. 

Read our blog for details and see the slideshow here from our event pics!


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Hi - I am Riya, a Freshman in College. It all started when I was in 6th grade and met Kelly, a Palo Alto school teacher who runs a literacy program for children in Haiti. When Kelly shared her story with us, my first thought was that I wanted to help her school. Giftkids was born, a small idea at first, to help these 36 Haitian kids with new shoes to encourage them to attend school everyday. The first daunting challenge was to raise funds. I marketed my idea via Instagram and Facebook, started an enthusiastic blog and was soon overwhelmed as friends and family chipped in to support. I researched many stores for the best prices and finally found a website which sold new goods to non-profits at deep discounts. At the first event in my house, a dozen of my friends helped wrap the gifts and write inspiring notes.  By the winter of 2018, our second event, we needed a larger space as we had more than twice the number of volunteers!

In the three years since its start, Giftkids today has helped over 100 kids in need in Haiti, India, and right here in San Jose, California. This is my story so far and it would mean the world to me if you could check out our work - I'd absolutely love to have your support!